Action. Consistency. Accuracy. Speed. Power.

I wrote an article on this framework. You can read it here. Okay, moving on.

To grow in any area of life it's required to go through some steps:

  1. Do the Action

  2. Make it Consistent

  3. Make it Accurate

  4. Develop Speed

  5. Build Power

Do the Action

You can't succeed or become better at something if you're just thinking to do it. You have to actually do it.

Make in Consistent

One action also won't make you successful. Similarly how one coin won't make you rich. Accumulate actions over a period of time to compound them.

Make it Accurate

As you make consistent actions, it's important to keep refining the action so that you don't repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Make it 1% better every day.

Develop Speed

The more you practice - the more speed you gain. 90% of the work that you're doing now can be automatic in a year if you do it consistently and with accuracy. An increase in speed allows making the same action with consistent accuracy.

Build Power

After all previous steps compound, you start building power. Consistent and accurate actions with high speed give you the power to become the best in what you are doing. You gain specific knowledge that can't be taught but can be learned.