Four unobvious things professional designers do

Many people associate design with creativity, goods, architecture, graphics, or simply the way something looks or works.

But it has moved from the concept of the visual or tangible artifact to organize interactions, experiences, and to transforming systems.

Here are four (4) unobvious things professional designers do.

Grow the product

In a company, a designer can and should suggest which products to present and how.

He knows and solves business' and user problems: how to sell and how to buy; what to offer and what to choose; where to find and where to place. {{ img:56fa83 }}

Do research

For this, a designer can use up to 10 different methodologies.

Among them are user interviews, card sorting, surveys, and more.

Choosing the right method depends on the goal.

Talk to users

When the product has a loyal audience and is useful then users are always ready to help develop the product.

Talking to users helps identify deeper problems that the designer can solve.


The design has a high impact on product metrics.

When the website is structured well the user will be completing his tasks more effectively.

He will come back to the service again to spend more time in it.

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